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The commonly used floor is generally mm thick and the .mm wear-resistant layer locks the floor.Such a thick floor generally does not have the situation that the door cannot be closed or affect other s, the material will not be very expensive, the foot feels comfortable,San FranciscoFlooring leather, the service life is relatively long, there will be a series of problems with wood flooring.Floor cracking is a common method.Today, we will discuss why the wood floor cracks.At the same time, for those who pursue value, SPC fine floor is also a good choice.The price of this floor is reasonable but fashionable.The best choice.San Francisco, After the last paint is completely dry, apply floor wax. Cleaning and finishing of ground base course. Scrape the board with a blade.Bohicon,San FranciscoSPC flooring market,In addition, pay attention to whether there are sawdust and stratification on the cutting surface of the plate and whether there are sawdust and stratification on the cutting surface of the solid wood floor.The floor packaging produced by regular manufacturers shall have the manufacturer&#;s name, address, instructions and executive standards marked in Chinese.Since , the national standard of laminate flooring has been implemented, and its name and number is the national standard: GB / T - impregnated paper laminated wood flooring. Products of well-known brand manufacturers with business history are preferred

San FranciscoMethod for waxing wood floorAffect the profit margin of the industry

Select the number of wear-resistant revolutionsWear resistant paper invented in the s was used on the surface of bowling alley.Because of the creation, invention and application of anti-static laminate flooring products, European manufacturers use wear-resistant paper to strengthen the production and manufacture of anti-static flooring and take it as a key component to strengthen anti-static flooring.At present,San FranciscoHow much is a flat wooden floor, the domestic rate of wear-resistant paper in China has reached about %, but it still needs to be imported.The key index values for evaluating the quality of wear-resistant layer are:The flame retardant grade is B, Look at the surface of the board. easy careSPC floor is mainly made of calcium carbonate, including pur Crystal Shield transparent layer, wear-resistant layer, color film layer, SPC polymer rural base and soft sound insulation rebound layer.Its foreign home decoration sales market is very hot, especially suitable for home furniture floor.

San FranciscoMethod for waxing wood floorAffect the profit margin of the industry

SPC floor adopts marble powder and new materials, which is more green and environment-friendly.The cost of stone plastic floor is quite low, and it can be flame retardant. It has no affinity with water and is not easy to mildew. Stone plastic floor has sound-absorbing effect, so we don&#;t have to worry about the sound of high-heeled shoes hitting the ground anymore.Management Department, The internal humidity can not be very high to maintain the dryness and smoothness of the floor. The daily cleaning can be wiped with a dry cotton mop: if it is difficult to remove dirt, it should be wiped with a neutral cleaning organic solvent and then wiped with a dry cotton mop. Do not wipe with acid, alkaline solvent or vehicle gasoline and other solvents.It is the best way to polish and wax the solid wood floor once a month, but wipe the water and dirt clean before polishing and waxing.How to choose solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring?sound insulationSan Francisco, SPC floor material is soft and has good ductility. Under the impact of hanging objects, the ductility recovers well, and the upper feet are comfortable and happy. Stable quality and not easy to damage: the solid wood composite floor plate adopts double plate composite type, choose the color you want.

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