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Structure: artificial surface material, artificial basic, wood slag plus strong glue, additives and additives.After the high-pressure suppression of the panel splicing machine, it gets rid of the defect of poor wood reliability.: Pungent taste if it is the floor with this taste, it means that it contains a lot of formaldehyde. Be careful when choosing, and you&#;d better not buy it;Bayamo, The ground shall be free of water seepage and moisture.Small blisters can not be repaired after damage, and the upper foot is weak.Isfara Stable quality and not easy to damage: the solid wood composite floor plate adopts double plate composite type, and the wood chemical fiber is bent into a network structure and laminated. Various thermal stresses of wood are integrated into multiple plates to ensure the flatness and stability of the wood floor and preserve the beauty of the solid wood floor From the characteristics of the floor, it is divided into crystal surface, relief surface, latch, waterproof and so on.For long-term indoor use, high and medium grade products should be selected and products produced by well-known brands and regular enterprises should be purchased as far as possible. Such products have sufficient thickness and good interlayer adhesion, and are not easy to layer and curl, especially foamed leather, which gives people an elegant feeling. If you want to use them for short-term use or one-time cover, you can choose low-grade products, because the price of low-grade products is low, there are many prices to choose from, but many of these products are processed with waste materials, with poor flexibility, generally thin thickness and large shrinkage coefficient. Laminate flooring is generally composed of four layers of composite materials, namely wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer and balance (moisture proof)Laminate floor is also called impregnated paper laminated wood floor and laminate floor. Qualified laminate floor is made of one or more layers of special impregnated thermosetting amino resin.

BayamoDifference between laminate floor and solid wood composite floorProfessional skills

Through the investigation, the following conclusions are drawn: Look at manpower.Enterprises that are really responsible for floor agents have special promotion specialists.These people are experienced, well-trained, resident in the regional market and help the agent hand in hand.If the agency is rare even in the enterprise, where can we start with the support he promised?Solid wood flooring is not very good in terms of wear resistance, but in composite flooring,BayamoHow is the first floor damp proof, the wear resistance of solid wood composite flooring is also very different from that of reinforced composite flooring.With special components, the wear resistance of reinforced composite floor is much higher than that of ordinary solid wood floor.Total quality management,Direct contact with formaldehyde can cause skin allergy, the main standard of floor environmental protection is formaldehyde emission.In terms of the limitation of formaldehyde emission standards,BayamoWhat paint is directly applied to the old wood floor, the environmental protection of the flooring industry has experienced three technological revolutions: E, E and FCF.At an earlier stage, the formaldehyde emission standard of wood-based panel is E level (formaldehyde emission ≤ mg / g), and its formaldehyde emission limit is very loose. Even for products meeting this standard, the formaldehyde content may exceed more than three times that of E level wood-based panel, seriously endangering human health, so it must not be used for home decoration.Therefore, there was the first environmental protection revolution. In this environmental protection revolution the flooring industry implemented the E level environmental protection standard, that is, the formaldehyde emission is ≤ ? / L. although it basically does not pose a threat to the human body, there are still a lot of free formaldehyde left in the floor.The flooring industry has started the second environmental protection revolution and launched E environmental protection standard, which has reduced the formaldehyde emission of the floor to . ? / L.The best way to identify whether the floor is environmentally friendly is to pry the floor from the lock with a screwdriver and hammer, so that the floor substrate is exposed in a large area, and then smell it with your nose. A good floor should have a wood smell, but a bad one has a strong pungent smell! I like to choose soft floor leather

BayamoDifference between laminate floor and solid wood composite floorProfessional skills

Well known brands: LG and Hanhua flooring in Korea, Armstrong flooring in the United States, Jiefu and Tejia flooring in France, fulbo flooring in Sweden, longxilu, tahilong, Dongli flooring in Japan, and domestic bonier flooring.For the pursuit of cost performance, choose Korean brands, Japanese brands for the pursuit of quality, European and American brands for the pursuit of brand effect, and domestic brands for low prices.agent, the floor sank to the bottom, and the color of the water turned yellow and black. The water contained a lot of impuritiesRubber: rubber with poor toughness and stability.Physical and mental health floor is the floor produced according to the production and manufacturing product quality standards and installation and application testing standards (double specifications), which is not easy to cause harmful substances and ensure the health and safety of residential gas.Bayamo, Anti slip more astringent in case of water, not easy to fall.The quality of laminate flooring can also be distinguished by some methods:After the solid wood floor is transported to the project installation site, it must be kept indoors for more than one week.The solid wood floor can be used only after it is adapted to the temperature and humidity of the room.

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