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Section shape classification of large-diameter qb square tube square tube is classified according to section shape: simple section square tube & mdash& mdash; Square tube, rectangular tube and complex section square tube & mdash& mdash; Flower shaped square pipe, open square pipe, corrugated square pipe,NanaimoHow much is the galvanized square tube per meter, special-shaped square pipe, large-diameter qb square pipe surface treatment classification square pipe is divided according to surface treatment: hot-dip galvanized square pipe, electro galvanized square pipe, oil coated square pipe, acid pickling square pipe, large-diameter qb square pipe purpose classification square pipe is classified according to purpose & mdash& mdash; Square tubes for decoration, machine tool equipment, machinery industry, chemical industry, steel structure, shipbuilding, automobile, steel beam and column, special purpose, large-diameter qb square tube wall thickness classification, large-diameter qb square tube according to wall thickness Classification & mdash& mdash; Super large diameter qb square pipe, large diameter qb square pipe and thin-wall large diameter qb square pipe rectangular pipe are the names of square pipe and QB square pipe, that is, steel pipe with equal side length. It is made of rolled strip steel after process treatment. Generally, leveled crimped and welded to form a round pipe, then rolled into a square pipe from the round pipe, and then cut into the required length. Usually pieces per bag. Qb square pipe, also known as square and rectangular cold-formed hollow section steel, is referred to as square pipe and rectangular pipe, code f and j respectively. The allowable deviation of wall thickness of qb square pipe shall not exceed plus or minus % of nominal wall thickness when the wall thickness is not greater than mm, plus or minus % of wall thickness when the wall thickness is greater than mm, except for the wall thickness of corner and welding joint area.Cold drawn or cold rolled precision square tube (gb-) is a cold drawn or cold rolled precision square tube with high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish for mechanical structure and hydraulic equipment. The selection of precision square mechanical structure or hydraulic equipment can greatly save machining hours, improve material rate and improve product quality.Nanaimo,The cut-off position shall match the construction and site conditions, draw the determined position and mark the cut-off line with a meter ruler or other measuring tools.. fake and inferior square tubes are easy to fold. Folding is a variety of broken lines formed on the surface of square tubes, and this defect often runs through the longitudinal direction of the whole product. The reason for the folding is that the fake and shoddy manufacturers pursue the rate the reduction is too large, resulting in ears, folding occurs during the next rolling, the folded products will crack after bending, and the strength of the square tube will be greatly reduced.Coronia del Sacramento,Generally, chemical and electrolytic methods are usedThe surface of fake and inferior square tubes is easy to produce scabs. There are two reasons: the material of fake and inferior square tubes is uneven and there are many impurities. The guide equipment of fake and shoddy material manufacturers is simple and easy to stick to steel. These impurities are easy to scar after biting the roll.C. special performance steel: (a) stainless and acid resistant steel; (b) Heat resistant steel; (c) Electric heating alloy steel; (d) Electrical steel; (e) High manganese wear resistant steel.

NanaimoWhere do galvanized square tubes sellWhat are the main advantages of

Square tube production most square tube processing is square tube pressure processing, resulting in plastic deformation of the processed steel (billet, ingot, etc.). According to the square tube processing temperature,NanaimoSquare pipe galvanized pipe, the square tube can be divided into cold processing and hot processing. The main processing of square tube includes: rolling: the gap (various shapes) between the square tube metal blank and the rotating roll , because of the compression of the roll, the material section is reduced and the length is increased. This is a common production method for producing square tubes. It is mainly used to produce square tube profiles, plates and tubes. It is divided into cold rolling and hot rolling.Polishing process of square tube square tube is widely used in our life, so in the subsequent application process, the requirements for square tube in many places are also quite strict, especially for surface treatment. Today, we briefly introduce how the polishing process should be carried out.In this period, the technology of continuous rolling pipe was not mature.Inspection requirements,The disadvantage of solid bending is that it has tensile thinning effect. The actual bending will produce tension at the bending point, and the tensile effect will shorten the longitudinal length of the bending line; The metal at the real bend will become thinner due to stretching.Ferroalloy is an alloy composed of iron and silicon, manganese, chromium, titanium and other elements. Ferroalloy is the raw material for steelmaking. It is used as deoxidizer and alloy element additive for steel in square tube steelmaking.Steel used & mdash& mdash; Such as bridge steel, ship steel, boiler steel, pressure vessel steel, agricultural machinery steel etc.

NanaimoWhere do galvanized square tubes sellWhat are the main advantages of

Oil drilling pipe (yb-) is a square pipe used for internal or external thickening at both ends of oil drilling. Steel pipes are divided into turning wire and non turning wire. Turning wire pipe is connected with joint, and non turning wire pipe is connected with tool joint by butt priceB. spring steel C. bearing steel tool steel: A. carbon tool steel; b. Alloy tool steel; c. High speed tool steel.Therefore, the drawing process of square tube is quite meticulous. For a long time, square tube, seamless square tube, galvanized square tube, galvanized tube and other brand products are provided with complete designated products and quality assurance. In the process of continuous development,When sand blasting or manual mechanical derusting is used, due to the falling off of the oxide scale of the galvanized square pipe, the metal on the surface of the galvanized square pipe is directly exposed in the air. If a primer is not applied in time, the surface of the galvanized square pipe is easy to rust again, affecting the adhesion of the paint film. I am engaged in all kinds of square tubes, square rectangular tubes, seamless square tubes, galvanized square tubes, galvanized tubes and other materials all year round. I operate in good faith. Welcome to call! As the paint is a time-effective material, the overstock of inventory is easy to expire. Therefore, the main indexes of the paint must be rechecked before use, the rolling of rolling groove often exceeds the standard.After chemical pickling, the square tube can be well protected by electrolysis. These are simple ways to prolong the service life of the square tube, We only need to treat according to these so that the square tube can bring us great help in the use process. The cold galvanized square tube is the principle of cold galvanizing on the square tube used to make the square tube have corrosion performance. Different from hot-dip galvanizing, cold galvanizing coating is mainly carried out according to the electrochemical principle. Therefore, resulting in electrode potential difference, so the steel surface treatment requirements are very high.

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