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In the case of using dry-type transformer, customers must master the method of wiring. If there are problems in wiring, it is easy to cause common faults in application. So,BalakoyaInsulation grade of power transformer, seal the flange and solve the bolts that are likely to leak, so as to achieve the goal of complete treatment. Tighten the loose bolts strictly according to the actual operation and processing technology.Balakoya,The person in charge of a transformer manufacturer said that because of the hazards of raw materials and other factors, the cost of energy-saving transformers is significantly higher than that of traditional transformers, and the price factor is also a key factor endangering the popularization and marketing of energy-saving transformers. Although there are energy-saving and convenient subsidy projects to help energy-saving transformers, the market has not yet fully operated.The power transformer is composed of two or more electromagnetic coils wound around the same transformer core. The winding resistance is connected according to the alternating electromagnetic field and works according to the basic principle of magnetic effect of current. The installation position of power transformer shall be considered to be conducive to operation, and a reliable area shall be selected at the same time. The rated capacity of the transformer must be effectively used when applying the transformer.Lonceston,According to the condition of cracks, galvanized iron wire can be punched into the leakage or riveted with hammer. Then clean the leakage point with toluene and seal it with raw materials. Coated sand casting eyes can be sealed with raw materials immediately.What is the reason for the shutdown of power transformer?In fact, ground wire is not only a kind of grounding protection. The following describes in detail that ground wire is the general name of grounding system. Ground wire is divided into protective grounding and safety factor grounding device. Among them, safety factor grounding device can be divided into grounding protection, anti electric shock grounding device and anti electromagnetic wave radiation grounding device. Protective grounding is to use it for loop to make the facilities achieve the grounding wire specified by the function.

BalakoyaS13 power oil immersed transformerHas the market logic changed

The vibration reduction solution of cable bridge is to modify the hard connection between bus bridge and dry-type transformer, and the vibration reduction solution is made at the cable bridge.Once the insulation material of electrical equipment is overheated, the surrounding gas will cause a kind of odor. This kind of odor can be sniffed out by normal patrol staff. When you smell such odor during normal inspection, you should carefully inspect the equipment and parts until you find out the cause.Power transformerAffordable price,Turn off the gate valve (butterfly valve) of the left and right tablet computers of the heat pipe radiator to isolate the oil in the heat pipe radiator from the oil in the tank,BalakoyaPower transformer technology series, so as to reduce the working pressure and leakage. After the leakage location is determined, appropriate surface treatment shall be carried out, and then Fushi blue raw materials shall be selected for sealing treatment.When sampling from a small and medium-sized power transformer without a discharge pipe (or oil sample suspension plate), it can be in a power transformer such as a glass test tube when it is not in operation to extract the oil sample at the bottom, or it can be replaced by changing the oil.Before no-load impact closing, the pose period of overcurrent protection shall be set to zero, and the data signal circuit of steam vehicle relay shall be temporarily connected to the pull-in circuit.

BalakoyaS13 power oil immersed transformerHas the market logic changed

When we apply oil immersed transformer, we all know that it works with the help of oil. What if the oil immersed transformer is on fire? What countermeasures should we do?Meticulous workmanship,When oil samples are used, the safety and fire safety technical specifications on the spot shall be strictly implemented.With Vietnam and Malaysia, China's first UHV transmission experimental demonstration project, China Transformer Corporation has entered a breakthrough in the development trend. The commodity voltage grade and volume rank first in the world, occupying the main technical position of the industry development trend. In addition, it has promoted the continuous improvement and perfection of the technology of low-voltage transformers.Causes of fire in power transformerBalakoyaAvoid the load operation of power transformer: if the load operation is long-term, it will lead to the scalding of solenoid coil,BalakoyaTransformer 10KV, slow aging of insulation, short circuit fault between boxes, oil leakage is often caused. This is due to the supporting force on the surface of the pipe and the working pressure on the inner cavity when stamping the heat discharge pipe.Manufacturing process and steps of dry-type transformer

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