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Avoid aging and damage of power transformer iron core insulation: aging of iron core insulation or damage of waterproof sleeve holding anchor bolt will cause large vortex of iron core, and long-term scalding of iron core will lead to insulation aging.Power transformer factoryBerlin,Dry type transformer is a common electrical equipment, which can be used to convert the alternating voltage of one standard value into another standard value of the same frequency. The step-up dry-type transformer is used to convert the low-grade alternating voltage into another high-grade alternating voltage of the same frequency. It is widely used in high-frequency industries, such as variable frequency power supply.With the rapid development of society and the continuous development trend of computers,BerlinParameters of oil immersed power transformer, the calculation of data in the whole process of oil immersed transformer wave has long had results. Only effective selection of calculation entity models and methods is needed, the accuracy of calculation conclusions can meet the needs of architectural design, and scientific and reasonable data method is selected, Not only can the current distribution of the oil immersed transformer be clearly defined in the development stage, but also the winding and other structures of the oil immersed transformer can be effectively arranged and distributed in a certain scope, which greatly facilitates the design scheme of the oil immersed transformer and ensures the stability of operation.Okigwi, it will lead to the scalding of solenoid coil, slow aging of insulation, short circuit fault between boxes two-color short circuit fault or short circuit to ground fault and dissolution of oil.Power transformer

BerlinTest standard for oil immersed transformersHow does it work?

During no-load test run, the transformer shall be connected with the working voltage from the switching power supply side, and then make the working voltage impulse closing.The selection shall be carried out according to the load characteristics of power. There are many types of power loads. Different dry-type transformers shall be used for different power loads. If the standard impulse level of power load is less than kV, class H dry-type transformers shall be used. If the standard impulse level of power load exceeds kV, epoxy resin adhesive shall be used to pour dry-type transformers.The dry-type transformer is composed of two winding resistances, resulting in four wiring groups: & ldquo; y Y & rdquo;, & ldquo; D, Y & rdquo;, & ldquo; y, D & rdquo; and & ldquo; D, D & rdquo;. In China, Y & rdquo; and & ldquo; y, D & rdquo; are selected. Because there are also two types of Y-connection with neutral line and without neutral line. If there is no neutral line, it will not be upgraded. All marks show that with neutral line it will not be upgraded The letter N after the English letter Y indicates that the neutral line has transformer grounding wire. Yn wiring group, when UAB and UAB overlap, the minute hand points to . & ldquo; & rdquo; in the new wiring group, it is indicated by & ldquo; & rdquo.wholesaler,When the power transformer operates at full load, it needs a large reactive load. This reactive load shall be provided by the power supply and distribution system. If the transformer volume is too large, it will not only increase the initial project investment, but also make the transformer operate at full load or load for a long time, expand the proportion of full load loss, reduce power factor and increase Internet loss. Such operation is neither economic development nor scientific.For the leakage that has already occurred, find the leakage point first, which can not be ignored. For the position with serious leakage, the treatment surface shall be cleaned and tidy. Polymer composite materials are mostly selected for dry consolidation. After dry consolidation, the goal of long-term treatment of leakage can be achieved.When sampling in bulk gasoline barrels, samples shall be selected according to % of the number of gasoline barrels, but not less than barrels. When sampling in batches of small and medium-sized pails or bottles, samples shall be taken according to % of the total number of barrels (bottles).

BerlinTest standard for oil immersed transformersHow does it work?

Sound in case of phase failureproduction costs,BerlinWhat are the oil immersed transformer protections,The insulating layer shaft and the connecting articles between the bell jar and the core shall be removed. If it is a hanging bell inspection the oil shall be pumped into the bottom of the bell jar before the bell jar can be removed.According to statistics, to occupy the main global technical position, the transformer industry depends on two key data, commodity volume and voltage level. As early as & ldquo; Eleventh Five Year Plan; In the early stage, China has been a powerful country in the production, manufacturing and application of dry-type transformers all over the world, but it is not a big country.Power transformer is one of the key equipment in power station and substation. The function of power transformer is in all aspects. It can not only raise the voltage and send electromagnetic energy to the power consumption area, but also reduce the voltage to each application voltage, so as to meet the needs of power consumption. In short,The tap changer of power transformer shall also have strong insulation. kV off load tap changer is generally insulated from the ground by the produced insulating paper pipe factory.It includes the performance and main uses of insulating layer materials, various insulating layer parts, component manufacturing processes and quality standards; Performance and main uses of various wires, coil inductance process of various ways of electromagnetic coil, solution process and quality standard, overall suit process and quality standard of electromagnetic coil; Main performance parameters of ferrite core, cutting process of iron chip, core stacking process and quality standard, production process and quality standard of electromagnetic shielding.When we apply oil immersed transformer, we all know that it works with the help of oil. What if the oil immersed transformer is on fire? What countermeasures should we do?

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