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Main performance.Main differences between WPC and SPC flooringSoletracy,The influence of foundation materials on the price of reinforced base plate.Strengthening the middle layer is mainly the base, and the method to distinguish the base material is good or bad.You can cut off the garbage with the merchant to see if it is white. The whiter the better.Generally, the base plate of reinforced floor accounts for most of the price of reinforced floor.High priced laminate flooring is a good base material. Mixed pine is used as the base material for second-line and third-line brand flooring. Of course, the production cost is not high, and the price of laminate flooring can also be borne. Easy to clean: medical treatment is simple,SoletracyWhat brand does laminate floor choose, bright as a new mouth, no stains, easy to clean.The surface paint of solid wood composite floor is very good, with good wear resistance, without excessive vitality maintenance.According to statistics the solid wood composite floor prepared for the sales market will not be waxed within years, and the wind color of automobile coating will also be maintained.This is obviously compared with the maintenance of solid wood flooring.Posadas,Seventh, sound insulation and noise reduction.Advantages: it is warm for many days and cool in summer. Of course, the lines are comfortable on the feet and resist germs.Third, consumers should know whether the moisture content of the floor meets the national industrial standards.Solid wood flooringSPC floor is an excellent raw material with the advantages of wear resistance, durability, low carbon and environmental protection.It is widely used in various indoor places.Including diagnosis and treatment, sports culture, colleges and universities, culture and education, kindergartens, business services offices, etc.The shadow of SPC floor can be seen.Recommendation and consultation,Defects: some indoor formaldehyde is restrained, the quality of the sales market is uneven, and most plates are shoddy. The packaging is rough, the printing quality of the publicity album is poor,SoletracyReinforced wooden door, the attributes are pieced together, and the slogan selling points are set by set, smell with your nose is not protected by the environment.Test conclusion,Second, the price is high and the cost performance is not high. Compared with the reinforced composite floor and double-layer composite floor, the price is more expensive; Easy to install.Narrow board specifications are also China&#;s characteristics. Solid wood flooring looks generous, too expensive and has poor stability; China&#;s flooring manufacturers make imitation solid wood flooring. Looking at its specifications as solid wood flooring it is cheap and stable. The four sides are made into V-grooves, which can really confuse the fake with the real, and the thickness is basically about mm. It has been implemented in the market for less than a year and is very popular.Soletracy, The room is small or the light is not very good. Pay attention to the selection of light color flooring. Light color flooring can make the small room look larger.A large room with good light can have thick or thin floors. Ultra light and ultra-thinStrengthen the floor color, fully meet the needs of personalized design, with many varieties and fashionable colors, which can simulate various natural or artificial patterns.The decorative layer of laminate floor is generally imitated by computer, which can imitate wood patterns of various materials, or stone to make unique patterns that are not available in nature.

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SoletracyHow much is the floor per square meter Very good, good quality and low price, express delivery is also fast, and inspection is also very standard.
user 122HP117294921 / 2022-06-21 09:41:52 / reply
The logistics of SoletracyHow much is the floor per square meter is a bit slow. Overall it's good, I hope I have a chance to cooperate next time
user 984HP143755493 / 2022-06-21 08:49:15 / reply
SoletracyHow much is the floor per square meter The goods have arrived, much better than what you see in the picture!
user 709HP180518493 / 2022-06-21 08:56:50 / reply
Good seller, SoletracyHow much is the floor per square meter things are very good. Come back in the future. You can buy with confidence.
user 570HP155642700 / 2022-06-21 09:42:35 / reply
SoletracyHow much is the floor per square meter Very good, but the logistics company is slower, but the product is very good, o(∩_∩)o...
user 263HP145816628 / 2022-06-21 09:19:14 / reply
It is still affordable to buy things online, SoletracyHow much is the floor per square meter I signed for two days late, but the things are really good, and the boss is good. The speed of transportation is also very fast.

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